Friday, June 02, 2006

End of week odds and ends

Live Design magazine has posted my last two Broadway reviews of the season, for Disney's TARZAN musical, which I was more tolerant of than several folks I know (I mean, I didn't walk out on it, like RING OF FIRE), and THE CAINE MUTINY COURT-MARTIAL, which was so stirring it closed two weeks ago. But it's still a Tony nominee.

I'm behind the blogocurve on this one, but if you haven't joined the several million or so who have taken a gander at "Bus Uncle" on YouTube you really should--it's a true-life melding of stark Bressonian technique and Cassavetes content, urban angst straight from the public transport system of my old home, Hong Kong. It's ignited an international craze, T-shirts and everything, and the version linked has amusing English subtitles to boot ("Why do you aggress me?"). Also worth a watch is the mournful "Adagio in Strings" remix.

More info on the video, in which a deadpan youth straight from a Jim Jarmusch picture fatefully intersects with an aggravated middle-aged businessman who Jack Lemmon might have played in his SAVE THE TIGER phase, is here. And, straight from the Bus Uncle himself, here.

I have pressure. Everyone has pressure.

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