Monday, April 20, 2009

Ford wrangler

He's not Susan Boyle--yet. But my buddy Brad Nelson is on his way to web stardom, courtesy of the Ford Motor Company, which turned down federal bailout money but couldn't say no to Brad's plans to get its Fiesta off and running. Follow the "Follow the Fiesta" campaign that Brad and the lovely Emma are a part of; rumor has it that Julia and not Ryan Stiles is eager to lay hands on Brad, but a woman of the West doesn't give up so easily. (I can feel Brad, the stoic cowboy type with a touch of The Office about him, blushing as he reads this, but that's the cost of celebrity.) To think that when I met Brad at the Lighting Dimensions International trade show in 1997, he was a lowly intern, hand-pressing my suits, preparing my morning omelets, and separating my M&Ms by color (no yellows!) as I strode the show floors like the editorial colossus I once was. Now I'm reduced to figuring out how to get my cats to jump through flaming hoops or some other wacky YouTube stunt so I can compete on his level.

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