Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The imbecility continues within a Douglas-Sirk-has-cooties thread that erupted at Hollywood Elsewhere yesterday, and has spread to include Powell and Pressburger films, Mildred Pierce, and other undeserving victims. There are a lot of morons on Jeffrey Wells' site (including, in duller-witted and inadvertently revealing moments like this one, himself) but they've rarely been as misogynistic and embarrassing. Joan Crawford, you will be avenged.


christian said...


Anonymous said...


And agree with your latest comment on HE that so much of this would be avoided if people simply USED THEIR REAL NAMES.

Maybe it's the old journalist in me. Maybe I just find it hard to take seriously anyone who signs themselves with "FloorWaxLoveSlave" or some similar tag.

But, seriously. You have something serious to say? Be serious enough to put your name to it.

And Mildred rules.

Robert Cashill said...

I had a reason for my not-so-"secret identity," which is easily figured out with a simple click. But it is silly--on the other hand, for Wells, the more red meat is thrown out there by the "pseuds," the more hits he gets. He'd never change his policy, but I can't see his regulars using their real names on their own.