Monday, February 19, 2007

Good news for Billy Bob...

Mr. Thornton, call your accountant. You may yet see some residuals from an obscure, more-or-less straight-to-video movie you made a couple of years back, Chrystal. According to the compiler of the "Popular Demand" graphic on the "Most Wanted" page of today's business section, the film, which the Internet Movie Database calls a tale of redemption, redeemed about $83 million at the boxoffice, making it your second biggest hit behind 1998's irredeemable Armageddon.

Bet you thought the IMDb was right, and that the barely released film earned only about $80,000. Quite a difference in zeros, no? You like so sad on the video box, now you can find your smile again.

Or maybe, just maybe, the IMDb is right...?

I'm sure the Times, which usually doesn't slip up this badly, or this baldly, regrets the error.

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