Monday, March 06, 2006

Mom on the Oscars

MOM: "So I'm reading the Sunday, and I happen to look at what the Top 10 record albums are. And I was shocked; I turned to your father and I said, 'Bob, I can't believe this; look at the titles.' It's horrible. What does this say about our culture? I cannot believe what our children are listening to. So then I'm watching the Academy Awards and what wins Best Song but a song about a pimp. A PIMP. I mean, son of a gun, what does that say about society? What kind of example does that set?"

BOB: "If Lora and I have children, that could very well be the music that they listen to. I seem to recall you liking Eminen and his movie a few years ago."

MOM: "Yeah, right--don't play that music around me. Emimen is different. I mean, 'bitches and ho's'--on the Oscars!"

BOB: "So, Mom, are you a bitch or a ho?"

MOM: "Neither!"

Says Mom, "Gay cowboys, 'bitches and ho's'--I can't wait to see what they have next year on the Oscars!"

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