Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Election day

New York's Film Forum offers Johnnie To's excellent Election films beginning tomorrow, April 25. The 2006 sequel, Election 2, or Triad Election, is being spotlit, with the first Election (2005) being shown twice per day during the two-week run. It's true that you don't necessarily need to see the first part of this cold-as-ice gangster saga to appreciate the second, but in for a dime, in for a Hong Kong dollar, I say. Go toe-to-To with the filmmaker via my co-interview with him for Cineaste.

Film Forum is also bringing back The Earrings of Madame De... for another two weeks, also beginning tomorrow. I blogged about it in March; it's a quintessential revival film for today, in that it's not overly familiar and it's not currently available on home video or cable in the US. May as well make it a day trip.

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