Thursday, January 03, 2008

Popdose pops up

My good buddy Jon Cummings, who accompanied me to a viewing of The Savages (three more end-of-year releases to go, not counting the Aliens vs. Predator rematch) on New Year's Day, is scheduled to begin blogging today for the new Popdose site, described as "a pop culture blog suffering through the worst and best of movies, music, food and books so you don't have to." (Hey, guys, it beats breaking rocks for a living, as I can attest.)

I'll leave you in their capable hands as we recover from Christmas (I spent two hours yesterday sweeping and vacuuming the remnants of the discarded tree from our place; o, tanenbaum, my ass) and spend a few days with my in-laws in Huckabee Country for either the (next-to) last holiday celebration of 2007 or the first of 2008. Some Republican there clearly has a sense of humor about its prior headliner, as the photo shows. It's an interesting place for Green Acres-type New Yorkers like myself to hang out, and trips to the Clinton Library and Hot Springs are promised (the Central High museum was fascinating the last time out.) Let the Top 10 lists commence upon my return.

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jonfromcali said...

You are my personal god. Thanks for the link.