Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emmys lost in space

The Emmys were announced this morning, and there's no joy in Caprica yet again as Battlestar Galactica, which was teased as a "pre-nominee," failed to secure a Best Series nod (er, well, not quite, but I own up to my mistakes--see below.) No surprise, I guess, given the overall antipathy by awards panels to anything that smacks of sci-fi, but the show (and the similarly snubbed The Tudors) is surely better than nominees Boston Legal and Damages (how I hate lawyer programs) and the loathsome Dexter, whose moralizing and nihilism I find repellent.

I'm a little shocked that the much-acclaimed The Wire never brought home the bacon, nominations-wise, in its run on HBO; then again, I've never really seen it myself, outside of a stray episode or two. We still have the lauded John Adams miniseries sitting on our DVR. Perhaps both these programs will act as backup babysitters later this summer.

I don't follow the Emmys (and have never watched the ceremony, which must be a real mish-mash given the sheer tonnage of categories) but it seems like there are a fair amount of new shows getting attention, as the organization finally discovers basic cable. All eyes will be on the second season of AMC's excellent Mad Men, which starts July 27, to see if QC has been maintained (my guess is yes, but that naysayers will pounce on any dropoff from this critics' darling). Meanwhile, Emmy (which I congratulate for nominating Sharon Gless' Nip/Tuck crazy, who could stomp on Dexter's ass) has a half-season left to get it right on Battlestar Galactica (pictured).


Michael said...


Great post, but "Battlestar Galactica" was NOT on the Outstanding Drama Series short list released by the academy. There was no surprise at all the show didn't make the final cut, because it wasn't in the running in the first place.

Robert Cashill said...

See? I told you I didn't follow this stuff. My bad; I thought it had been, or thought it should have been, or else just woke up wanting to write about BSG and show a picture of the cast. There's always next year for the academy--and me--to get it right.