Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rent comes due

I saw the show just once, in 1996, when it opened at the Nederlander, so I hardly count as a so-called Renthead. But I have the cast album on CD, saw the 2005 movie (with original castmembers so old it might have been renamed Mortgage, but its heart was in the right place), and respect the late Jonathan Larson's not-inconsiderable achievement in bringing rock to the Rialto as it closes today, 12 years later. My wife and mother-in-law saw it just this past spring and reported that it was still in good shape. But the seasons of love will continue: The final performance is being recorded in high definition and will be screened later this month in select cinemas, and some of those original castmembers (pictured) are regrouping for a national tour.

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