Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cereal killers

Another casualty of the internet is April Fool's Day. You can't post something prankish, or read someone else's goof, without ten commenters spoiling the fun within seconds. I miss it--but hats off to the BBC for running some very deadpan bits on this morning's NPR broadcast that got me going ("Melbourne is planning to host the annual running of the bulls, as Pamplona gives up the contract it has held since the 13th century...").

In the spitit of goofiness, I present this "Tribute to Discontinued Breakfast Cereals," which I happened across (on The House Next Door site) as I was consuming a bowl of the allegedly healthful oat bran concoction that my wife favors. Me, I was always a Count Chocula kind of kid, right up to about age 36. I honestly cannot believe some of the ADD-causing stuff that slipped past the FDA--and that's no joke.

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