Thursday, October 01, 2009

Star crossed

On my way to Broadway last night to see Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in A Steady Rain (good show, spare, lurid) I walked into the tail end of a video shoot Jay-Z was having outside our lobby. (As that part of the world that cares about Jay-Z knows, this his former "stash spot," as mentioned in one of his new songs.) Beyonce tagged along and made it up to our courtyard. A crowd of on-lookers enjoyed the show.

Assuming our signage makes it into the video we'll have international renown; already, Lora said a vote taker, when seeing our address on Tuesday, exclaimed, "That famous place!" Unimpressed was Larissa, who was in transit with her dad for a pre-theater hand-off with mom; she showed her disapproval with celebrity culture by throwing her bottle on the train tracks when we got into the station. (More amused than annoyed, I sensibly let it go.) She's the real diva.

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