Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Early start on May movies

Set your DVR (or, I guess, your VCR, if anyone still has one of those) to the Fox Movie Channel and get ready to record an eclectic assemblage of good movies tomorrow, May 1. First up, at 2pm EST, John Huston's nowhere-on-video The Kremlin Letter, a bizarre Cold War gamesmanship piece more deadpan (or is it stone-faced serious?) than his Beat the Devil, with a corrosive plot and a batch of stars, including George Sanders in full drag as a San Francisco chanteuse and spy master named Warlock (the "good" guys, led by Patrick O'Neal, all prostitute themselves for Uncle Sam). At 6pm tune in for Alan Arkin's quite brilliant film of Jules Feiffer's Little Murders (1971), a New York black comedy with real sharp teeth and excellent performances. Then, as reminders of how good summer films used to be, The Abyss at 8pm and the original Alien at 11pm. All in nice letterboxed prints, and Top Critic-approved.

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