Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Looks at books

My friend John Calhoun, over at the Donnell Media Center in New York, has programmed his first series for its "Meet the Scholars" program. The three lectures (illustrated with film clips) get underway this Thursday, Feb. 7, with Cineaste contributor Thomas Doherty discussing his well-received Hollywood's Censor: Joseph L. Breen & the Production Code Administration, about the enforcer behind the puritanical Production Code (1934-1954), the one that kept married couples in twin beds for 20 years. On March 6, James Sanders will be presenting an adapted version of his excellent lecture derived from his Scenes from the City: Filmmaking in New York, which I enjoyed at Limcoln Center in 2006. And on March 20, Jack Sullivan will strike up the band for his superb Hitchcock's Music, his study of the memorable scores behind the director's film classics.

The Donnell (20 W. 53rd St.) is across from MOMA. The programs begin at 6pm, in the 2nd floor Story Hour Room. Admission is free.

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