Saturday, August 09, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac

The goodwill generated by the enthralling Opening Ceremonies didn't last too long, what with murder in Beijing and the prospect of all-out war between Russia and Georgia. Further pall is cast, lamentably, by the passing of the 50-year-old comic actor, whose Fox show I particularly enjoyed. He usually did right by his makeshift family, but he took his sweet, slow burn time to do it; in that regard, he reminded me of W.C. Fields. Mac stole scenes in the Ocean's pictures, Bad Santa, and Transformers, and got into the spirit of Charlie's Angels more than the sourpuss Bill Murray. His best film role was in 2004's Mr. 3000, where he hit all the right notes of puffed-out ego, insolence, and wounded pride, and got to romance Angela Bassett. I'll miss his big voice and outsized personality--there was range and facility there, and I regret that it will go untapped.

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