Sunday, October 19, 2008

Along the campaign trail

A lot of the web-based humor about the presidential election floating into my inbox is silly and sophomoric, but there are exceptions. "Fun with McCain" takes a still image (pictured) from the last debate, one that no one would have paid much attention to in the pre-digital era, and uses it as a satirical springboard, pitched as low as it can go, with some more inspired contributions. It was nice to see the respectable, self-deprecating McCain resurface on David Letterman last Thursday, at least for two or three minutes, but he's been asking for this. "Palin as President" is an inventive collage, updated daily with new point-and-click surprises. It's better than her good-natured but lackluster Saturday Night Live appearances last night. In the interest of fairness and balance, I'd post Obama-Biden funnies, too, but the right is behind the curve on this sort of stuff, which is suitable for bookmarking as campaign souvenirs.

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