Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Comforting Lies

Body of Lies is neither the best nor the worst film I've seen recently--it's the only one. I haven't been to the flickers since early August, before Larissa was born, which is the longest gap in my moviegoing since before I learned to drive and could get myself to and from mall theaters in hometown New Jersey myself. (City life is a tonic that way. In the Chicago area, Hong Kong, and New York, I've never been more than a short walk or train ride from cinemas. No wonder I disliked San Jose, which obliged me to get behind the wheel.) As it happened, I missed the planned afternoon screening, but Lora was kind enough to sate my craving and let me attend the evening show, at the AMC Lincoln Square. I bought a small popcorn and Coke, settled into my seat, and semi-enjoyed the show (a Popdose review will be up Friday), then returned to my semi-sleeping wife and daughter. Contentment all around.

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