Monday, June 08, 2009

RIP HDNet Movies

RIP from Time Warner Cable's lineup, anyway, due to some sort of backroom wheeling-dealings. Too bad; I'm not often using the upstairs hi-def set these days (it's flush against the baby's room wall and a possible distraction for her, according to the wife though this isn't scientifically proven, I add digressively) but when I could grab a few stray hours I'd enjoy an older movie (I had Howard Hawks' final film, Rio Lobo, in my sights this month) or a premiere like The Girlfriend Experience. This made me feel a little more in the loop given that, with Larissa to tend to, I don't live the days of wine and screenings lifestyle much anymore. Now that all the pay movie channels have gone HD, and I have MGM's good HD channel to fall back on, I won't miss it as much as I would have a year ago. I doubt however that I'll be paying $5 to premiere the likes of The Girlfriend Experience on HD on Demand when I had enjoyed the experience, or Experience, as part of the package.

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