Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Not to be unkind, but...there are eerie parallels between today's celebrity deaths, though Jackson's actual fame (as opposed to its half-life) crept into the 90s, and Fawcett had no serious brushes with the law. And Jacko's were serious--it was hard for me to square the Jackson 5's cherub with the pathetic figure, bent on claiming Joan Crawford's face, that he became once the music stopped and the self-indulgent madness with kids and money started. Whatever he claimed he brought it on himself, and his death is basically suicide by narcissism. Sorry, but Jackson was no Elvis, and certainly no Lennon. But: I did like some of his music, though the rest has aged badly. I liked that, as a fellow horror movie fan, he gave Vincent Price a job in his senior years. And I did see him on the family welfare Victory tour, and enjoyed watching the famous dance moves live. Tragedy? No. A waste.

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