Friday, January 29, 2010

B-Fest 4-Ever

A salute to all those attending this year's B-Fest at Northwestern this weekend. I, too, camped out overnight at Norris Center, enjoying mind-croggling filmic fare, dozing in the seats, and eating food that got more and more inedible with each passing hour. But, oh, the company I kept, over twenty years ago now--Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Giant Claw, Fiend Without a Face, all back to delight a new generation of genre insomniacs, plus Mae West in Sextette and Troll 2, not there was much difference between Mae and a troll in her dotage. (Rim shot!) I join the Claw in winging my way over to you if I could. Next best thing: Kids, if you call out "Day, night! Day, night!" during Plan 9's innumerable intra-scene changes, you may hear my echo reverberating from the walls.

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