Friday, January 08, 2010

An Ovation for Slings and Arrows

One of the TV highlights of the aughts, or naughts, or whatever was the great Canadian comedy series Slings and Arrows, which we loved on the Sundance Channel. Ovation has picked up all three six-episode seasons and will begin airing the show tonight at 8pm. Set amidst the Shakespearean levels of comical chaos generated by a Stratford-like company, Slings and Arrows was created by the folks behind the Tony-acclaimed musical The Drowsy Chaperone and I can't recommend it enough. And it comes just in time to chase the winter blues away. Pictured from left are stars Paul Gross, Don McKellar, and Kid in the Hall Mark McKinney. Bonus star-gazing: Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes) was in the first season, and Sarah Polley the third.

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