Monday, September 27, 2010

Bill Plympton writes...

"In just ten short days my new animated feature film Idiots and Angels opens for its U.S. premiere at the famous IFC Film Center on October 6, 2010.

Since it's a small budget film, financed out of my pocket, I need a big crowd at the cinema on 6th ave and 3rd st... I need a mob! I need a riot! I need a circus! I need a big brass band! I need chaos as everyone tries to see my new animated feature.

But don't just go see it because I put my heart and soul into it, or because its  up against Hollywood big budget animated feature, or because you want to support indie films, or even because I'll end up in debtors prison if it flops. NO! Go to see it because it is the most amazing, twisted film on the New York screens to date! That is reason enough to go see Idiots and Angels.

I see you there and we'll hang out after the film for pizza and beer."

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