Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun while it lasted

My hours-long reign as a Top Critic, or "TC," as I call former fellow members of my former inner circle, has come to an end. I got a friendly letter from a fellow at Rotten Tomatoes (which has some sort of stake in Popdose) explaining that the long-ago Newsweek affiliation (again, not my fault) automatically kicked me into TC-dom. Looks like I'm have to earn the designation the hard way.

But, ah, the good times, the merry memories. I got to recommend four films as a TC-er and chill with my hard-drinking, hard-loving peers at the exclusive TC Lounge, whose location I cannot reveal. And I am no longer part of the Rotten Tomatoes universe under false pretenses. Like a character from the Late Late Show, I stand in the gutter, but reach for the stars. My star.

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