Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silence is golden

I'm pretty much in theater awards season lockdown mode over the next week, so not much time to post, or watch my newly arrived Criterion Collection DVD of the unusual noir indie Blast of Silence (1961), which I saw at Film Forum a couple of years ago. Though a lesser film it looks to have received the same deluxe treatment granted The Naked City, and an accompanying documentary where 80-year-old filmmaker Allen Baron revisits the still-standing locations (including buildings on St. Marks Place) looks swell. (I like the graphic novel version Criterion has enclosed, too). It's an interesting picture, one of the more psychologically credible hit man movies, and the climax, shot amidst Hurricane Donna in 1960, is super-atmospheric. Gotta love this poster, too. And Dave Kehr's mob is chatting about it.

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