Monday, April 28, 2008

Look what I (co-) did

Nominations for the 2007-2008 season Drama Desk Awards were announced today. You can find them on the spruced-up Drama Desk website. I was there at the Friars Club (great space) for the big announcement, which was webcast live by TheaterMania. If you go about two-thirds in, you can hear chairperson Barbara Siegel repeat (with my blessing) a few heartfelt remarks about the whole experience, and a bit about my upcoming journey, which will take me from aisle seats to changing tables.

One reason I undertook the arduous work of a Drama Desk nominator is that I sensed that the window of opportunity to do so in the foreseeable future might shut. Happily, I was right...and I managed to give back to the community, and organization, that has meant so much to me these past years. I'm particularly pleased to have been part of the committee that inaugurated the Outstanding Projection and Video Category; this was the moment, and we seized it.

Pictured are nominees Leslie Kritzer and Faith Prince in A Catered Affair, which took home 12 nominations. The Drama Desk's own catered affair, to hand out the awards, is on Sunday, May 18.

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