Tuesday, February 03, 2009

80s flashbacks

Today on DVD, you can buy new editions of the first three Friday the 13th pictures, the third in a 3D version. And Yentl. That's an interesting juxtaposition. But I'm really intrigued by a slew of re-releases Paramount Home Video has dubbed "I Love the 80's" with an allegedly "awesome" logo stamped on the front and a CD with period hits enclosed. A few of the 40 movies fit comfortably under this marketing umbrella--Pretty in Pink, Ferris Buelller's Day Off, anything with John Hughes' involvement--but Children of a Lesser God? Reds? No one loved Bruce Beresford's King David back in 1985--does that "hip" cover and the promise of an Erasure tune as accompaniment make you want to open your wallet for it in 2009?

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