Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anatomy lessons

Breaking blogosphere silence after almost a week, a bit of sex to start your heart. Kate Winslet may or may not win an Oscar this Sunday for The Reader, but she'll be thrilled to learn that she and her, ahem, golden globes have received a "Lifetime Skinchievement Award" from the Mr. Skin website, which has announced its 10th annual Anatomy Awards. Once he finishes his assignment with Kate, Reader co-star David Kross will no doubt be dialing up Mr. Skin to see who won Best Skinny- Dip, Best Nude with a Toothbrush Scene, and Best Horror Movie Hooters among others, and to find out where to see this year's Academy Award-nominated ladies in the altogether. (Only one of the shameless hussies has kept her clothes on throughout her career.)

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P.L. Kerpius said...

"Skinchievement." Indeed, Winslet must feel honored.

But "shameless hussies?" That doesn't ring quite right. I'd like to think it's the predictability of the Academy that's more shameless. As for hussies, the jury is still out: Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are on that "special awards" list too--surely we can't lump Winslet and the rest of the nominees in with them, can we?

Either way, the Anatomy Awards are shaping up to be much more interesting than Sunday's predictable bloat. The Academy might take a page from The Anatomy and incorporate a new category. I mean, if the goal is to reach the whole "shameless hussy" label and all...