Monday, February 23, 2009

Pop(dose) Goes the Oscars

Scenes from my red carpet evening...spent quietly at home, for the first time in years. That I had no skin in the game, ballot-wise, probably accounts for why I was slumbering through the Slumdog (pictured) night; that, and the utter lack of surprises (in retrospect, Sean Penn was a cinch to win for a hot-button Milk man, and no one but me and a few arthouse devotees really cares that Departures beat out the more highly touted Waltz with Bashir and The Class for the foreign film accolade) and the misuse of host Hugh Jackman (right talent, wrong material). Whatever: The highs weren't too high, the lows not too low, and we can only hope for a more compelling slate and show next year.

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