Saturday, December 20, 2008

DVD 2008

Two voluminous favorites lists, from DVD Savant and Tim Lucas and Co. at Video WatchBlog. I have some of these on my shelves, and may finally have time to watch them in the new year. But, as DVD Savant notes, the industry is clearly in retreat regarding the older catalog titles I'm more inclined to buy rather than rent, in favor of recycling the usual hits on Blu-Ray. With my Larissa-related expenses rising, I can live with that, though I think the market can't afford to lose too many strong and supportive customers like me with lazy, uninspired offerings in yet another new format I just can't work up that much interest in. This collector's mentality is shifting, and I'm not seeing much out there to keep me opening my wallet. I did spring for The Furies, a Savant fave, and showed it to my most appreciative movie group last week.

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