Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NY critics get Milk

The New York Film Critics Circle has chosen Milk as its best picture of the year, and co-stars Sean Penn and Josh Brolin (pictured) its best actors. Which came as a relief: I know it's irrational, but every time Brolin gets a nod it always seems like some sort of acknowledgment of the nutcase he's playing, Dan White. Prognosticating the Oscars via these East Coast selections, Vicky Cristina Barcelona's Penelope Cruz looks ever more likely to claim the Woody Allen Supporting Actress Oscar (following in the footsteps of Dianne Wiest and Mira Sorvino), and WALL-E will be collecting a statuette for his dumpster. Meanwhile, best actress Sally Hawkins and best director Mike Leigh get a little traction for the show, but I have a feeling that Happy-Go-Lucky is more of a New York state of mind.

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