Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Popdose: Chills, thrills on DVD

Break out the fear flasher and the horror horn: Chamber of Horrors, which used those gimmicks, and The Brides of Fu Manchu are available beyond Best Buy today, as a single-disc double feature.


Arbogast said...

Chamber of Horrors is a childhood favorite. I have the disc but have yet to revisit it. Just waiting for the right moment, biding my time just like Jason Cravatte.

Robert Cashill said...

While a lumpy concoction, to my surprise it played better than the Fu Manchu movie, which I had higher hopes for based on my own childhood memories of sex and sadism. Chambers has more of both, though it is boxed in by its TV origins. But it's nice that a new audience can rediscover O'Neal's bravura performance in a disturbing part--he usually played it a lot cooler, colder even (The Kremlin Letter, etc.).