Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You won't remember this

As usual, you're unlikely to be singing these in the shower anytime soon as Oscar's Best Song hopefuls are announced. The big-screen High School Musical sequel (pictured, as you might have guessed) has 11 (!) entrants--original, screen-written musicals take note--but thank our lucky stars the Academy is only letting two songs from the same film be eligible anymore, killing off chances for a medley (which, admittedly, could be campy fun). The rest ain't exactly ringing bells: "Another Way to Die" (Quantum of Solace) is like coitus interruptus, "Gran Torino" doesn't recover till Jamie Cullum takes over from Clint Eastwood (but to see Eastwood perform it live!), and who remembers the new Beyonce song amidst all those Cadillac Records covers? Slumdog Millionaire's Bollywood-inflected tunes are favored for the multi-culti hipness factor. However that plays out, I think Beyonce and the Grammys guard (Peter Gabriel for Wall-E, Springsteen for The Wrestler) have more of a shot than the toe-tappers from Pride and Glory and Repo! The Genetic Opera.

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