Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad kids at Lincoln Center

Saying to hell with all that sentimental holiday crap, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is letting kids go wild this weekend, with a "Problem Child" fest from Nov. 28-30. I guess Christina Crawford could be a real brat sometimes, but isn't Mommie Dearest more of a problem adult picture? In any event, the protagonists of The Exorcist (1973 version), Brian De Palma's masterfully choreographed The Fury (with Amy Irving on hand for a Q&A), and the original, accept-no-substitutes versions of The Bad Seed, The Omen and Village of the Damned defy child services and Ritalin. Child hater W.C. Fields would approve of the well-chosen lineup of junor reprobates, which also includes The Innocents and The Other, and the non-supernatural Compulsion and The Children's Hour. Pictured is Larissa, three months old today, in scary baby mode.

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