Monday, November 03, 2008


"We think it makes sense for us to focus on delivering great movie rentals to you by mail and instantly. So, we are going to stop selling previously viewed DVDs," read an e-mail I received today from Netflix. Now, Netflix wasn't the cheapest source of "PVDVDs"--you can get used and new ones for a few bucks, even pennies, on Amazon if you tough it out long enough--but its service was as always impeccable, and you knew that what you were getting was going to play, which you don't always know when you bargain-hunt at neighborhood video stores. I have till the end of the month to stock up. I just hope Netflix, which has been taking a beating recently, doesn't expand into web delivery too hastily, before the bugs are worked out, like the exasperating Blu-ray format. In any case, the notification was signed "Your friends at Netflix." Sheesh--with friends like these...

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