Monday, November 17, 2008


Olivia de Havilland, Stan Lee, and the Sherman Brothers are medalists. The 92-year-old de Havilland adds to her two Oscars.

(No honors for this blogger as he cranks out his 501st post, by the way--which sounds impressive, till I add that my blogging friends turn out 500 communiques before breakfast.)

Bond breaks records, Cashill sits it out. Sorry, James--baby (not babe) to take care of. We'll catch up over Thanksgiving.

Something I'll likely just read about: A Film Society of Lincoln Center tribute to the late critic Manny Farber, ongoing through Nov. 26. Still time to see I Walked with a Zombie, His Girl Friday, and other Farber faves.

The French thriller Tell No One is the biggest foreign-language hit of 2008. Too bad it took two years to cross the pond, and the take is on the low side. But it does show that there's market for genre pictures from other countries, not just prestige titles.

Crummy two-composer score rejected by Academy. Not for reasons of taste or quality, though I would've voted on those grounds. Two + hours of electronic droning equals double trouble. I had the same beef with Batman Begins.

(Reversal of fortune: It's in contention again.)

What I'm screening at my next movie group meeting.

Sneak preview of The Furies:

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