Monday, November 24, 2008


Popdose presents "Our Favorite Singles of the Last 50 Years". Well, no one asked the movie guy for his picks, but they did let me comment on two, which have generated a little commentary of their own. A diverting list for holidays consumption.

Another list: Cahiers du Cinema's Top 100 films. It's in French, but you'll get the gist. No. 1 is pictured.

Everything you wanted to know about the director of 1959's Teenagers from Outer Space, including, "What was Teenagers from Outer Space?" Tom Graeff was a compelling personality beyond his toehold in cultdom.

Science fiction into science fact: Ray guns debut in Iraq. But it's not really a ray gun unless it melts your face.

Michael Crichton rolls over in his grave. Did we learn nothing from Jurassic Park?

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