Friday, November 28, 2008

A T-day tradition continues

A nostalgic All That Chat post yesterday reminded me of how much I enjoyed NY Channel 9's "King Kong Thanksgivings", with a triple-header of the original Kong, The Son of Kong, and the offshoot Mighty Joe Young providing the perfect antidote to football. It seemed to have petered out sometime in the 80s, after a 10-year run that enlivened a decade's worth of holidays for me. Fox Movie Channel is showing all the Apes movies and TV shows this weekend, which, while hugely enjoyable in their own right, aren't quite the same thing.

So, in scanning my parents' TV last night, I beat my chest in triumph to discover that the Tri-State area tradition has migrated to the MonstersHD channel, which we don't get on weak-ass Time Warner Cable in Brooklyn. All three movies, plus the limp 1976 remake and a Godzilla picture, were being aired in primetime, and the few minutes of the original Kong I caught looked spiffy in high definition. Too bad the King of New York is without a convenient berth for me, but perhaps TW can be prevailed upon to restore him to his proper place.

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